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Deep Calls Unto Deep

Deep Calls Unto Deep is designed to be a  free video platform that engages viewers and takes them on an existing journey packed full of thought-provoking content designed to unite the deep things of the  Lord with the deep things inside of us. These things need to be awoken within us! 

These things need to be awoken within us! 

Join Mike has he takes viewers on a different adventure each video while  discussing the messages the Lord has put on his heart to share with viewers.  Please subscribe and share the channel! 


What We are Passionate About

We are passionate about the body of Christ stepping into their God given  identities. God subjected Himself to a brutal death to purchase our freedom. We  want to ensure we receive everything He intended for us! Let us guide you into  hearing from the Lord and experiencing freedom in the areas you’ve had no hope  or minimal progress. 

What the World Needs

The world desperately needs believers to step into who  they have been created to be and fulfill their God given purpose. Partnering with  Soteria will help you step into your freedom, wholeness and to live the life you  have been created live. 

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